Understand what's driving your clients and help them unleash their full potential!

Our emotions influence every aspect of our lives. They influence the decisions we make, how we experience our lives, and how we experience our relationships.

And when we're unaware of our emotions, deny them, or distance ourselves from them, we’ll tend to be unconscious of their impact. We’ll be blind to how they influence us, how we experience ourselves, how we make decisions, and how we relate to others.

When we stay unaware of something that exerts that much influence over our lives, we’ll be suppressed by it.

That's why we created this masterclass on The Power of Emotions so that you can understand what's driving your clients when they can't and begin to learn how to coach your clients around their emotions and help them break their habitual emotions to unleash their full potential!


About Learning In Action

Learning in Action helps coaches and consultants go deeper with their clients, allowing for meaningful shifts to occur in a fraction of the typical time. We do that by providing education about what shapes the human experience and drives behavior. We provide tools for revealing hidden patterns that can derail performance and training in how to work with clients at their core to find and leverage openings for transformative change.

Here You Will Find...

Extraordinary awareness. Our training and tools are designed to create powerful awareness for trainees first, so that they can create the same extraordinary experiences for their clients.   Our training provides a deep understanding of the human experience, relationships and how we are shaped by them.  Our tools reveal the ways in which how we relate to our lives can present obstacles to our growth due to hidden patterns developed in relationship with others.   We provide coaches the training and tools needed to help their clients overcome these obstacles and change the way they relate to lives, themselves, others and the world, to generate better outcomes. 

Transformational training experiences. Our courses, tools and approaches incorporate a  combination of interactive and engaging live training sessions, instruction personalized for the trainee and the cohort, low faculty to student ratios, guided interactions with learning partners between live sessions and on-demand training resources to create a rich and transformational training experience.


Training that helps you go deeper, faster. The education, tools and training we provide go beyond emotional and relational intelligence by identifying patterns that drive our behaviors. This brings a unique and deep awareness to our internal experience that other products and training simply can’t reveal.  And by revealing what we can’t otherwise see, we create the opportunity for choices that previously didn’t exist.  

A community of professionals committed to healing the divide. We provide opportunities for professional training and development while creating experiences that inspire, inform, and build community. And it’s through our community that we truly embody the importance of relationships. We’re proud of our community of coaches, consultants, organizational development professionals, and HR executives who are dedicated to creating more connectedness in the world and heal the ways we are divided from our essence and divided from each other.

Our Mission

Learning in Action’s Mission is to Heal the Divide. To heal the ways in which we are divided from ourselves and the ways in which we are divided from each other. 


Healing the Divide is about reconnecting us to our essence. We reconnect to our essence when we begin to see the ways in which we separate ourselves from others through judgment and blame, anger and fear, abuse and neglect and disconnection of all kinds. The ways in which we are separate from others mirror the ways in which we are divided and separate from ourselves and our essence. 

Much of our dividedness lies outside of our awareness. Our perceptions, assumptions, conclusions, expectations, and beliefs about ourselves, others and the world reside in our blindspots, outside of our conscious awareness. They are the unnoticed “wallpaper” of our lives. 

Another key challenge to healing the divide lies in our “identities’” desire to be “right” and our belief that we are “right” about our perceptions, assumptions, conclusions, expectations, beliefs, and motivations for our actions. Our identities are formed as a result of our survival architecture and we’ve developed defense mechanisms to protect and defend them, reinforcing our separateness and keeping our “rightness”.

Learning In Action is committed to healing the divide within and between people. We help people see the ways in which their identities have developed to define and separate themselves from others and the cost of that to their well-being. We help bring conscious awareness to the aspects of our internal experience (our emotions, assumptions, conclusions, beliefs, desires) that have been shaped in relationships and developed to protect our identities (our separateness). 

With our education training and tools, we encourage the organic process of learning and growth that exists within each person. We engage each person’s own process for divining their development path.