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  REVIEW: Virtual Calls Dates & Times

Virtual Training Call Dates & Times

Please add these to your calendar. You will also receive reminder emails prior to each training call. Note: All virtual training calls will use ZOOM video meeting. Please be prepared to participate in these calls using video technology. All virtual training calls will be recorded, for those who have conflicts.

New to ZOOM? Watch a tutorial here: New User Zoom Tutorial

  • Pre-Training "Welcome" Call: 9/22 @ 2:30PM EST
  • (2-Day EQP Training)
  • Session 1- EQP "Preparing to Debrief" Call: 10/11 @1:30-3:30PM EST
  • Session 2- EQP "Creating Data hypotheses 1" Call: 10/23 @1:30-3:30PM EST
  • Session 3- EQP "Creating Data hypotheses 2" Call: 11/3 @1:30-3:30PM EST
  • Session 4- EQP Debrief "Summary and Reflection" Call: 11/10@1:30-3:30PM EST
  • Session 5- Final "EQP Self-Study" Call: 11/15 @1:30-3:30PM EST