What this Training Package Includes


ICF Core Competency Spotlight For each profile and recording, we highlight an ICF Core Competency (or an aspect of one) and how it can be used to enhance the EQ Profile Debrief experience. (The competencies may or may not have been employed in the recorded debrief.) By highlighting a new coaching competency with each recording, we hope to provide you with a filter through which to hear each recorded debrief and to enhance your awareness of how to incorporate the competency into your own debriefs. The EQ Profile is a coaching tool, like any other, that can be used effectively in the coaching context to deepen clients’ understanding of themselves and create new and profound awarenesses. It is essentially a springboard for coaching that allows for deeper exploration of the client’s self.

EQ Profile Summary Data Sheet

The EQP Summary Data Sheet is the last page of the profile report. You can use it to create your hunches prior to listening to the recordings. The full reports are available to you upon request.

Blank Data Hunch Sheet

You can use this form as many times as you like to record your own summary and highlights of the data, to record possible patterns, and to make hunches about the data and how it might show up for the client. You can also add questions you might ask if this was your client. To get the most value from this tutorial, create your own hunch sheets prior to reading the “expert” hunches.

Data Summary, Highlights, and Hunches

The Data Summary, Highlights and Hunches are an example of the kind of preparation that can help the coach put together their thoughts prior to a debrief. It highlights notable data, identifies patterns and correlations, and states hunches and possibilities for how they might show up. Also included are suggested coaching questions that might be valuable to facilitate deeper exploration. The goal of the debrief is to enhance the client’s understanding of the data. We never know its full meaning until we hear the client’s story around it. Preparing hunches in advance allows us to share the data and their implications and then be present for the telling of the client’s story and the meaning they make from the data.

Debrief Highlights

This is a summary of the highlights from the debrief that was performed. It is a synthesis of the data and the information obtained from the client during the debrief. It provides a sort of gestalt perspective of the debrief and the insights gained from it.

Debrief Recordings

This is an audio recording of the debrief of the related profile, performed by Jan Johnson, Founder of Learning in Action and co-creator of the EQ Profile. The recording has been edited to remove names, company names and any other confidential information. If you hear gaps in the recordings, it’s likely because confidential information has been deleted. Also, these are not intended to be shiny, edited, production-quality recordings. These are recordings of the way debriefs actually happen versus a sanitized version. You’ll hear some very human distractions - forgotten glasses, doorbell rings, interruptions, etc. These have been left in intentionally to add to the authenticity of the recording. Listening to the full recording gives a sense of pace, technique, and nuances used to evoke storytelling; however, if you prefer a “cliff notes” version of the recording, use the time stamps of the teachable moments to catch just the highlights.

Jan is an undisputed expert at understanding and interpreting data from the instrument. She is not a coach and doesn’t hold herself out as one; therefore, her debrief isn’t performed within the context of a coaching conversation. She approaches the debrief like a consultation from the position of an expert in the instrument. In many places the debrief sounds more like a conversation between two people than a coaching session. You’ll hear advice, you’ll hear questions not for the benefit of the client, and you’ll notice missed opportunities to go deeper or demonstrate coaching competencies. You will also hear her command of patterns, correlations, and techniques to draw out the telling of a client’s story.

Teachable Moments

Throughout the recordings you’ll hear crisp, articulate explanations of the instrument and powerful questions by Jan. There are compelling “reveals” by clients that illustrate how the patterns reported by the EQ Profile show up in their lives. Both explanations and reveals are italicized and bolded. Also, you’ll hear both Best Practices in the form of an ideal question or comment as well as Missed Opportunities to go deeper, to be clearer, or to connect more with the client using coaching competencies. We’ve timestamped all of these to create mini teachable moments. To hear them again, you can go directly to the time stamp, eliminating the need to listen to the entire recording.

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