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  Virtual Calls: Dates & Times

Virtual Calls Dates, Times, and Recordings

You should have received calendar events for the following dates. You will also receive reminder emails prior to each training call with directions on where to find prep materials and what to expect for our upcoming call.

Session #1 8/29 @1:30-3:30PM EST

Session#2 9/8 @1:30-3:30PM EST

Sesssion#3 9/21 @1:30-3:30PM EST

Sesssion#4 10/3 @1:30-3:30PM EST

Sesssion#5 10/11 @1:30-3:30PM EST

Sesssion#6 10/23 @1:30-3:30PM EST

Sesssion#7 11/3 @1:30-3:30PM EST

Session#8 11/10 @1:30-3:30PM EST

Note: All virtual training calls will use ZOOM video meeting. Please be prepared to participate in these calls using video technology. All virtual training calls will be recorded, for those who have conflicts.

New to ZOOM? Watch a tutorial here: New User Zoom Tutorial

Virtual Call Recordings

What do I do if I miss a virtual training call?

To receive credit for a missed call, please complete the following two steps:

Step One: Watch the Call Recording and Submit Documentation

Call recordings are available on Teachable within 24 hours of the call. If you miss a call, you’re required to watch the recording and send an email to responding to the questions outlined below. Please put the following in the subject line: {Your First and Last Name} followed by the {Name and Date of the Call}. Subject Line Example: Suzie Johnson - Self Study Call - June 15, 2017

Teleclass Recording Documentation

To receive credit for listening to a recorded teleclass answer the following questions in a few sentences:

  1. Name of Call
  2. Date of Call
  3. What were some of the key insights from the teleclass?
  4. What was the most helpful part of the teleclass?
  5. What additional questions do you have?

Step 2: Complete Call Worksheet (*Note: Note all calls have worksheet).

You’re also required to submit the worksheet associated with the call you missed within 1 week of the original date of the call.