Team Training for AFS 401(k)

Creating Optimal Team Performance

This portal will serve as a centralized space for all workshop materials and documents in preparation for the full-day Team Meeting on Friday, February 2, 2018.

Workshop Desired Outcomes:

  • To clarify the company's mission and connect teammates and their roles to it
  • To clarify and refine the company's values and ideally how those values show up in behavior
  • To explore the factors that impact team performance and to identify opportunities to remove obstacles to and provide support for even better performance.
  • To renew and reinspire the team's commitment

Your Instructor


Alison Whitmire is the President of Learning in Action Technologies, a company committed to her passion of making the non-conscious conscious. Alison holds certifications from two different accredited coach training programs and is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Alison has coached more than 100 CEO’s over the last ten years, logging over 5,000 paid coaching hours.

Alison was also a Chair for Vistage International for 8 years, running CEO roundtables and coaching CEOs. She has an MBA from the University of Chicago and has worked for several Fortune 500 companies. She has organized multiple TEDx Conferences and also been a TEDx speaker.

Alison is an authority in the area of Developmental Emotional Intelligence, focusing on our innate capacity for emotional intelligence, how it’s influenced by the relationships in our lives and how we can develop it through conscious awareness. Alison develops innovative curriculum and facilitates the training of coaches and leadership development professionals in the understanding and application of Emotional Intelligence concepts and tools in classes across North America.

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