An On-Demand, Self-Paced Exploration to Spot What Most Coaches Miss

The way we relate to ourselves, others and the world around us is made up of more than one dimension and when we over-rely on one dimension of our experience, we’ll tend to coach our clients through and toward that experience.

How can you be fully conscious and present with your clients without the knowledge of how your experience, specifically the habitual patterns of your experience, are impacting our coaching?

How can you establish trust and intimacy with your clients in order to go deeper when you are unaware of how your unconscious narratives show up in your coaching?

See what most coaches miss.

Join us for this illuminating on-demand exploration of common coaching blindspots and gain a unique lens for identifying how you might be getting in the way of your coaching. 

Learn, reflect, and access this course at your own pace!

Gain Insights Into Common Coaching Blindspots and Serve Your Clients in a Whole New Way

What Participants Are Saying…

Learning in Action's training really does unlock the ability to dive in deeply with a client early in the coaching process. It gives both coach and client an understanding and a language for the complex, inner landscape within all of us.

-Carla Greenan

Enlightening class! The videos/exercises were very helpful.

-Jennifer Williams

Alison you are a warm soul. I enjoyed this first masterclass and gained new perspective on my 'thought-heavy' approach to coaching. Thank you for this gift of insight!

-Char Wilson

How Does It Work?

Common Coaching Blindspots Exposed is a complete, self-paced 11-module mini-training intended to guide you through an exploration of coaching blindspots. You will: