WE-Q Certification Refresher

For Certified WE-Q Practitioners who want to deepen their understanding of Self, coaching, clients, and the WE-Q Profile.

We don’t just teach you about the WE-Q Profile anymore, we go deeper, further.

You made an investment of time and money to attend WE-Q Profile Certification. Are you using what you learned?

Maybe not and that’s OK. It can be a lot to take in.

What you’ll discover in our newly revised WE-Q training has the potential to change your life and your coaching for good.

We’ve created a new, more experiential training, that allows you to understand yourself and the WE-Q Profile from the inside out. Our training now extends into how each of us has been shaped by the relationships of our lives and how our interpretation of ourselves, others and the world impacts our contentment, our relationships, and or coaching.

When you attend refresher training, you’ll be leveraging your initial investment to gain a deeper awareness of yourself and the hidden drivers of your life. Plus, you can use your newfound knowledge to create those same impactful awarenesses in your clients. You’ll leave the training feeling qualified to use the WE-Q Profile with clients because you’ll experience it from the inside out.

Hear what a returning Certified WE-Q Practitioner had to say...

irene kendall has been certified for many years and recently returned for WE-Q Practitioner refresher training. Listen to what she had to say about how the training compares!

Leverage Your Initial Investment to Deepen Your Coaching

» Explore your unique inner experience with interactive, experiential sessions, focusing on the "Self as Coach"

» Deepen your expertise in the unique niche of WE-Q coaching to support your ability to secure more work

» Go beyond the WE-Q Profile and gain awareness of the common denominators of your clients' derailing behaviors and how you can uncover them in generative ways for your clients

» Explore novel and nuanced principles of coaching that apply well beyond an assessment and have the potential to shift and deepen how you coach

Experience Training A Whole New Way

» Harness your learning through paced out, consumable bites both in live sessions and through on-demand access to all recordings

» Access all-new personalized tools, templates, and support to reinforce your learning

» Engage in a like-in person experiential training with interactive sessions using a variety of modalities including learning partners, group discussions, and triads. As a refresher, you will be thoughtfully integrated into a cohort of new trainees, in a way that is intended to fully support your learning.

» Receive dedicated support through bonus AMA sessions

AND you’ll receive 40 ICF CCEs (15 R&D and 25 Core) for a fraction of your initial investment!

Upcoming Training Dates

WE-Q Refresher - February 2023
February 28 - May 30, 2023

Live, Virtual Training

Live, virtual training with 13 "like-in person" sessions. These sessions are the central hub of your training, where you can be virtually present with Alison, Master EQ Practitioners, your refresher peers, and new trainees for learning and connection. Sessions are held weekly and unlimited access to recorded sessions and accompanying resources are provided for any missed virtual sessions.

WE-Q Certification Refresher, Vancouver, BC
March 29 - 31, 2023

Vancouver, British Columbia

A blended learning experience with in-person and online training sessionsFrom March 29 -31, you will be physically present with Alison Whitmire, Master WE-Q Practitioners, your refresher peers, and new trainees for learning and connection in Vancouver, BC. To support you in implementing the WE-Q Profile in your work with clients, there are five live, online follow-up sessions from Apr. 19 to May 17, 2023.

“The course was so much more than expected…

"This has been excellent - well worth my time! I love the combination of exercises, video and resource information and material. I love the greater detail on triggers, the relationship of VUCA between our clients, coaching, the EQ Profile, and also the connection of our individual narratives and the Hero's Journey. Also, the way to frame and map the EQ Profile. I especially liked the attunement suggestions. Great clarification regarding percentage and percentile - I used to struggle with that!"

- Barbara Rubin-Greenberg, Rubin Greenberg Coaching

What's Different About WE-Q Certification Training?

  • Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio

    Our student-to-teacher ratio and small personalized classes are two of the features that make our WE-Q Certification Training unique. Training cohorts include anywhere from 15 to 25 trainees and we incorporate learning triads and breakout rooms to support an immersive learning experience.

  • We’re With You Every Step of The Way

    Our team is here to support you from day one. Through email, phone, and chat support, we’re here to provide you personalized assistance and dedicated instruction to ensure your experience is rewarding.

  • A Rich Learning Environment

    WE-Q certification training cohorts consist of Certified Practitioners that are experienced with the WE-Q Profile and are returning for a refresher, new trainees getting to know the WE-Q Profile and Master Certified Practitioners who have extensive experience in WE-Q Profile interpretations. This spectrum of experience creates a rich learning environment for all trainees.

  • Hands-on Guidance Using the WE-Q Profile

    We all know the saying: practice, practice, practice. And neuroscience proves this is true. For this reason, hands-on and guided practice with the WE-Q Profile is incorporated heavily into this program. You will receive a free WE-Q Profile and we will guide you through facilitating it with a client.

  • A Balance of Interactive and Engaging Experiences

    Using a strategic combination of live sessions, Q&A, interactive exercises, reflection, and breakout rooms, you’ll be transported into a meaningful and connected experience that will continue with you long after our 12-week journey.