Learning in Action EQ Practitioner Badge

Download your EQ Practitioner Badge and view tips on how and where to use it.

Showcase your knowledge, experience and credibility with the Learning In Action EQ Practitioner Certified EQ Badge.

Psst...Does the EQ Badge above look a little funny? That's because it has a watermark. Once you log in and download the authentic EQ Badge, it won't have the watermark you see here. Cool, huh?

This Learning in Action EQ Practitioner credential signifies that you’re a leader in the field of emotional intelligence and sets you apart from your peers.

With emotional intelligence being so essential for success in most any endeavor, your EQ credential shows prospects and clients alike that you have the expertise needed to help them achieve their goals. And it is important for you to have the ability to communicate your expertise in a clear, concise manner.

How can you do that? Your Learning in Action EQ Practitioner Badge is a great way. This EQ Badge, available only to Certified Learning in Action EQ Practitioners, can be used in a variety of locations in order to show your clients and prospects, at a glance, that you have earned a special qualification and enhance your credibility. Plus, we think it looks just plain cool.

You can use your EQ Badge pretty much anywhere you present yourself professionally. Here are some ideas:

  • Email signatures
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Your website
  • Business cards
  • Professional brochures
  • Biography sheets
  • Speaker sheets
  • Engagement proposals
  • Presentations

In this free mini-course on how and where to use your EQ Certification Badge, you will find:

  • Downloadable Certified Learning in Action EQ Practitioner Badge image file
  • Tips on where you can display your EQ Badge
  • A downloadable document with information on how you can display your EQ Badge in a variety of settings

Simply Enroll (its free!) for access,

After enrolling for your EQ Badge, please view the brief video tutorial we have created which will help you navigate this Teachable page and download your EQ Badge file.

Your Instructor


Alison Whitmire is the President of Learning in Action Technologies, a company committed to her passion of making the non-conscious conscious. Alison holds certifications from two different accredited coach training programs and is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Alison has coached more than 100 CEO’s over the last ten years, logging over 5,000 paid coaching hours.

Alison was also a Chair for Vistage International for 8 years, running CEO roundtables and coaching CEOs. She has an MBA from the University of Chicago and has worked for several Fortune 500 companies. She has organized multiple TEDx Conferences and also been a TEDx speaker.

Alison is an authority in the area of Developmental Emotional Intelligence, focusing on our innate capacity for emotional intelligence, how it’s influenced by the relationships in our lives and how we can develop it through conscious awareness. Alison develops innovative curriculum and facilitates the training of coaches and leadership development professionals in the understanding and application of Emotional Intelligence concepts and tools in classes across North America.

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