Bethesda: EQ Profile Training and Certification (CLOSED)

Discover How to Uncover Your Client’s Hidden Patterns, Deepen Your Client Relationships, and Help Your Clients Achieve Their Goals Faster

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Are You Struggling to Get Clients to Move Past What’s Blocking Them?

Join Me October 19th-21st, at EQ Profile Certification and Discover How to Unlock Unconscious Patterns to Go Deeper Faster with Clients!

Have you been dreaming of deepening your clients learning, so you can unlock their unconscious patterns, and unblock the path to them reaching their desired outcomes?

... Yet, despite your best intentions, going deeper with them is always just out of reach?

Does it seem like, no matter HOW many sessions you have with a client, what you discuss, the action plans you create, or questions you ask, you still can’t seem to figure it out, and now you’re just about to give up?

It's one of the most frustrating things we can encounter as professionals, and every time it happens we end up doubting how much we're truly able to help our clients.

To be honest, you’re not alone.

The truth is, learning how to go deeper faster, whether with individuals or groups, is pretty much impossible to do without the proper tools. You're frustrated with your clients, angry at yourself, and your sessions aren't nearly as productive as you'd like them to be. There’s just so MUCH you need to understand.

Believe me, I know! Not that long ago, I faced the same situation you are in now: dreaming of digging beneath the surface and having the ability to unlock my client’s unconscious patterns but stuck at square one...

But now you can easily learn how to help your clients move towards their desired future state. Instead of struggling to get them past what's blocking them, you can discover their hidden patterns and help them reach their goals much faster.

During EQ Profile Certification training, you’ll experience in real time what the EQ Profile measures, what the EQ Profile is revealing about us, why it is so important, and how you can strategically use the Profile to go deeper, faster with your clients.

The EQ Profile Certification training is so much more the 2 days of training. Following our 2-days of in-depth, collaborative learning, we will have 5 virtual training calls, to help you develop and refine your EQ Profile debriefing skills. During the entire process, our team will guide and support you through the certification process, as you learn to use EQ profile in your own practice.

Become an EQ Certified Practitioner and learn how to move your clients past their frustrations and help them achieve their full potential.

So, What Can You Expect During EQ Profile training?

EQ Profile Training includes experiencing the EQ Profile through debriefing your profile with a Learning In Action Master Practitioner. An introductory dinner to prepare for our training and meeting fellow trainees. And two jam packed and engaging days of EQ Profile training to prepare to use the EQ Profile in your current role. Here's a training overview:

Introductory Dinner – Wednesday, October 19th, 6:00PM - 8:30PM

Break the ice and meet your training cohort while enjoying a meal together and beginning to learn the impact of the EQ Profile. You’ll get to collaborate and get to know other attendees. Listen to real stories about real people and develop a true understanding of the potential capable with the tool. Receive an overview of the entire two days and next steps to achieving EQ Profile certification.

Evening Overview

  • Meet-and-greet with other leaders achieveing EQ Profile Certification
  • Engaging Exercise: Get to know your cohort
  • The Impact of the EQ Profile -- Real Stories of Real People
  • Preview of the training and what you can expect
  • Ask any big training or certificaiton questions

Training Day 1 – Thursday, October 20th, 8:30AM- 5:30PM

Day 1 is all about understanding self through your own EQ Profile results and understanding the EQ Profile through understanding self. The day begins with a meditation to create space and context for your day. Throughout the day we will explore why emotional intelligence is essential for success in today's society, experience in real-time what the EQ Profile measures and what it reveals.

Day 1 Overview:

  • Welcome
  • Meet your Certification learning group
  • Centering meditation
  • Self as Coach -- what does that mean?
  • Reflecting and exploring your own EQ Profiles
  • Experience what the EQ Profile measures in real-time
  • Hear stories about how the EQP shows up in people's lives
  • Experince a real-time LIVE EQ Debrief to see the power of the EQP
  • Engage in collaborative exercises to deepen your learning
  • Learn each dimension of the EQ Profile and what it reveals

Training Day 2 – Friday, October 22nd, 8:30AM- 4:30PM

You will engage in exercises to learn more about yourself and how you can use the EQ Profile with your clients. Anchor your learning through interpreting EQ sample profiles with the support of your learning group. Reflect with others on what you’ve experienced and how it will advance you and your practice. You'll have the opportunity to practice interpreting and debriefing the tool with fellow trainees, all while receiving feedback and support from an EQ Master Practitioner.

Day 2 Overview:

  • Try out the EQ Profile. Through looking at sample EQ Profiles, you will begin to learn how the data fits together and how to communicate the data to potential clients.
  • Listen to recordings of real EQ Debriefs to hear how the tool has impacted real clients
  • Trio Partner Debrief Exercise -- each trainee gets the opportunity to play the role of coach and coachee and complete an EQ Debrief with their training trio, while receiving feedback from a LIA EQ practitioner.
  • Review of next steps and certification process

What's next? 5 Virtual Follow-Up Calls to Master The EQ Debrief

So what is next? Complete the Certification process with 5 supportive calls to anchor your learning.The EQ Certification virtual calls create a space for you to interact with attendees to master the art of an EQ Profile interpretive debrief. After our 2-day experience together, you'll be given an the opportunity to use the EQ profile with a client of your choosing. Once they take the tool, you can complete an interpretive debrief with them, with the support of Learning In Actions Master Practitioners . You will also complete a final self-study to review the fundamental elements of the instrument and practice languaging it to potential clients.

You will be sent separate invitations for each virtual call via email. All calls will be recorded for your convenience.

Our 5 Post-Training Follow-Up Calls include:

EQP Debrief Prep Virtual Call

As a Trainee, you will learn how to prepare for your very first EQ Profile Debrief. This call covers big questions like: How should I best prepare for a EQ Debrief? What is the best way to introduce the EQ Profile to a client? What should I send my client in preparation? How do I leverage the EQ Profile to set goals with my client? How can you use your own EQ Profile data to prepare for your debrief? This call covers all this and much more.

EQP Data Hunch Virtual Calls (2)

As part of our training process, you will conduct an EQ debrief with a practice certification client. In preparation for your very first EQ Profile Debrief, you will prepare your data hunches and present them in a collaborative environment. This provides an opportunity to receive feedback from our Master Practitioners, and learn how to best language the data clearly to your clients.

Summary of EQP Debrief Call

The EQP Debrief Summary call is intended to help you reflect on what went well during your practice client EQ Debrief, where were the majoring learning opportunities, and how you can continue to grow in your understanding of the EQ profile as a Practitioner. Each trainee deeply reflects on the process, and we collaboratively learn from others experiences.

Final EQP Self-Study Call

In the Final Self-Study, we cover the critical and fundamental concepts required to be a successful Learning in Action EQ Practitioner. You will have the opportunity to ask our Master Practitioners questions to gain clarity. This call is a stepping stone, as it provides awareness around where you can continue to grow as a Learning in Action EQ Practitioner, and the resources available to you upon Certification.

So, How do I Prepare for Training?

Experience the EQ Profile prior to training. Included in your tuition costs, you'll have the opportunity to take the EQ in Action Profile tool and receive a 90-minute with one of our Certified Master Practitioners. Through taking the EQ Profile prior to training, you will begin to explore you own default patterns under stress, your first step in understanding the EQ Profile and becoming a Certified Participant.

To prepare for your EQ Certification journey ahead you will receive prep materials, including: readings, videos, and learning guides to jump start your learning.


Your Instructor


Alison Whitmire is the President of Learning in Action Technologies, a company committed to her passion of making the non-conscious conscious. Alison holds certifications from two different accredited coach training programs and is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Alison has coached more than 100 CEO’s over the last ten years, logging over 5,000 paid coaching hours.

Alison was also a Chair for Vistage International for 8 years, running CEO roundtables and coaching CEOs. She has an MBA from the University of Chicago and has worked for several Fortune 500 companies. She has organized multiple TEDx Conferences and also been a TEDx speaker.

Alison is an authority in the area of Developmental Emotional Intelligence, focusing on our innate capacity for emotional intelligence, how it’s influenced by the relationships in our lives and how we can develop it through conscious awareness. Alison develops innovative curriculum and facilitates the training of coaches and leadership development professionals in the understanding and application of Emotional Intelligence concepts and tools in classes across North America.

“I have been a coach for twelve years and have resisted using assessments. My viewpoint radically changed when I took the EQ In Action Profile instrument myself and saw the impact it had on my own self-awareness and how I approached difficult situations. I am now certified in the use of this tool and use it widely with my clients. I recommend this training and tool to anyone who is doing leadership development in the workplace. It brings depth of understanding and focused power for individual and team development Thanks you Learning In Action team.”
Terry Ramsey Principal, LifeStyles Coaching Services, North Vancouver, B.C., Canada
“I have been using the Learning in Action EQ tools and concepts with leadership teams, coaching clients and graduate students for over four years. This work has had extraordinary impact; clients have often had transformative breakthroughs as a result. They have been able to use this new-found awareness as a significant learning platform for their continued growth in managing themselves and their relationships.”
Dr. Elaine Millam President, WorkWise Coaching & Consulting St. Paul, MN

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there follow-up after to help keep me on track for certification?
Yes, we'll have 5 follow up calls with you once the event is over. These calls are designed to walk you through doing your first EQ Profile as well as the final steps required to achieve your status as a Learning in Action EQ Practitioner. Call #1: EQP Debrief Prep Virtual Call Call #2: EQP Data Hunch Virtual Call Call #3: Summary of EQP Debrief Call Call #4: Final EQP Self-Study Call You will receive a separate email invitation to attend each call and they will be recorded for your convenience.
Can I bring a friend or business partner? If so, what is their cost to attend?
Yes, you can bring a business partner with you to the live event. You can apply a 35% discount off the regular registration fee for additional members in your group.
Is there a payment plan?
We do not offer a payment plan for registration fees at this time.
Am I going to have the opportunity to network with other professionals like me?
Yes! The training sessions are very interactive and designed to get you to know the other attendees. You will also have the opportunity to network during meal breaks.
Are meals included?
Breakfast and lunch are included on both Thursday and Friday of training. There are lots of dining options and local eateries surrounding our training facility.
What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule?
If you need to cancel or reschedule, you can contact us at ( to let us know of your plans. While we don’t allow for refunds, we can apply your registration fee to a future training session.

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