Inside the Instrument

Master EQ Practitioner Certification: Getting Inside Your Client's Results

Inside the Instrument

Master EQ Practitioner Certification

Live Webinars: October 26th 2:30-4:30PM EST & November 3rd 2:30-4:30PM EST

Course 1 of 10 of the EQ Practitioner Master Certification

The Inside the Instrument Master Class will delve into never before examined “nitty-gritty” details and questions about the EQ Profile that you (and your clients!) have always wondered about...and probably asked about! The class contains new information about the instrument: it’s creation, development and calculations. All this information has never before been shared .

In addition, we’ll be sharing the results of the work of an outside industrial psychologist who has been reviewing, analyzing and validating the Instrument for the past year. And we can’t wait to share these fascinating insights with you.

Welcome Inside the Instrument!

In the course, you will learn:

  • How and why the instrument was created and the theories it was based on
  • Common misconceptions and misunderstandings about the EQP
  • How the instrument is constructed (the architecture of the EQP)
  • How the constructs fit together
  • Specifics regarding how the dimensions are calculated
  • Where you can see how your client answered every single question
  • How the population of the thousands of the people who’ve taken the instrument have scored on:
  • Self / Other Orientation – Find out what % of the population is Self and what % Other
  • Positive / Negative Orientation – Find out what % of the population is >= 75% positive
  • Wants/Thoughts/Feelings – Find out what % of the population is wants driven
  • A myriad of other freshly discovered facts and functions of the EQP
Note: This class is not about pattern interpretation, theory, or developing your debriefing skills. We will be offering modules on those topics and much more in the coming months. It’s truly fascinating stuff that will greatly deepen your understanding of how the Instrument does what it does and develop your mastery of the Profile, enhancing your ability to understanding not just what’s going on inside the instrument, but also what’s going on inside your clients.

The $299 price is for the Inside the Instrument class. See below for information on the entire Master Practitioner Program.

The Big Picture: Becoming a Master EQ Practitioner

The EQ Training and Certification you have already obtained has created a solid foundation for working with the EQ Profile with your clients. And that’s just the beginning of what’s possible.

You are always looking for ways to enrich your knowledge, add to your skill set, and enhance the value you can bring to your clients.

Our new Master’s Certification Program will offer you opportunities to deepen your knowledge, grow professionally and create even more value for your clients.

Completing these 10 modules will transform your work with clients and your use of the EQ Profile to help your client achieve their results. And you might learn even more about yourself along the way. :)

Upon completing the program, you will:

  • Be considered for the Partner Program* with Learning in Action and be eligible to receive referral opportunities as we introduce the EQP to a wider audience. *
  • Enhance your knowledge and skill working one on one with clients to help them achieve breakthrough results in weeks instead of months
  • Have greatly enhanced your skills, confidence, and experience working with the EQ Profile
  • Be able to attune to your clients more successfully….and faster
  • Gained techniques and knowledge which will be foundational to your life and practice
  • Be credentialed as a Master Certified Learning in Action EQ Practitioner
  • Receive a signature bug that designates you as a Master EQ Profile Practitioner for use in your signature line, website, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Earn ICF CCEs

EQ Master Practitioner Certification Bug

*The Learning In Action Partner Program identifies Master EQ Practitioners for opportunities for debriefing, coaching and consulting. Learning in Action attracts a number of opportunities with its current efforts and we plan to market the EQ Profile much more broadly in the months ahead to create even more possibilities. We are going to need Master EQ Practitioners to partner with us to do the work that is generated from that effort.

Road to Mastery: The 10 Modules

The EQ Master Practitioner Certification is comprised of 10 modules. The modules will be introduced in the upcoming months, and are as follows:

1. Inside the Instrument: Getting Inside Your Client’s Results

2. Exploring Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Developing Your Credentials as an EQ Professional

3. EQP Theoretical Underpinnings: Understanding Why Our Past Shows Up in the Present

4. EQP Archetypes: The Most Common EQP Patterns and How They Might Show Up in Your Client’s Behavior

5. Word Mapping: Using Your Client’s Language to Illustrate How Their Profile is Showing Up

6. Master EQP Pattern Interpretation: Mastering the Complex Interpretation of the Instrument

7. Mastering the EQP Debrief Session: Creating the Space and Context That Allows Your Client To Absorb Their EQP Results

8.You've Taken the Instrument, Now What?: Making the EQ Profile Actionable for Your Clients

9: Your Profile in Practice: Using Your EQP Results to Transform Your Work With Clients

10. Emotions as Messengers: Understanding the Role that Emotions Play In Your Clients Internal Landscape

We will be pricing the entire 10 module Master Certification, and making it available for purchase as a bundle in the upcoming weeks, for $1,999. ($199 per module).
And if you choose to join us at Inside the Instrument and then later wish to purchase the entire program as a discounted bundle, we will ensure that retroactively the full price you pay for the first module is applied to the bundle price.

Your Instructor


Alison Whitmire is the President of Learning in Action Technologies, a company committed to her passion of making the non-conscious conscious. Alison holds certifications from two different accredited coach training programs and is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Alison has coached more than 100 CEO’s over the last ten years, logging over 5,000 paid coaching hours.

Alison was also a Chair for Vistage International for 8 years, running CEO roundtables and coaching CEOs. She has an MBA from the University of Chicago and has worked for several Fortune 500 companies. She has organized multiple TEDx Conferences and also been a TEDx speaker.

Alison is an authority in the area of Developmental Emotional Intelligence, focusing on our innate capacity for emotional intelligence, how it’s influenced by the relationships in our lives and how we can develop it through conscious awareness. Alison develops innovative curriculum and facilitates the training of coaches and leadership development professionals in the understanding and application of Emotional Intelligence concepts and tools in classes across North America.

Class Curriculum

  Welcome Inside the Instrument!
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  Join the Webinar: November 3rd 2:30-4:30PM EST
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Frequently Asked Questions

When and where does Inside the Instrument take place?
Inside the Instrument is composed of 2 2 hour Virtual Sessions which will take place using ZOOM technology. Session I takes place on 10/26 from 230-430pm ET. Session II takes place 11/3 from 230-430pm ET.
Will the Recordings of the sessions be made available?
YES. Recordings will be distributed shortly after each session.
Will I be able to sign up for the entire Master's Program at once?
YES. Stay tuned. We will be communicating with you shortly on how you can purchase the entire Program as a bundle. Much more information is on the way! :)
Are ICF CCE's available for Inside the Instrument?
YES. Inside the Instrument is worth 4 ICF CCEs.
Can I register for the entire Master Certification Program at once?
Yes, soon! We will be pricing the entire 10 module Master Certification, and making it available for purchase as a bundle in the upcoming weeks, for $1,900. ($190 per module). And if you choose to join us at Inside the Instrument and then later wish to purchase the entire program as a discounted bundle, we will ensure that retroactively the full price you pay for the first module is applied to the bundle price.

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