Vancouver June 14th & 15th, 2018 - EQ Profile Certification Training

Discover How to Uncover Your Client’s Hidden Patterns, Deepen Your Client Relationships, and Help Your Clients Achieve Their Goals Faster

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Are You Interested in Going Deeper Faster with Clients and Helping Them Break Through in Weeks Instead Of Months?

Join us for our 2-day in-person Certification Training to become a Certified EQ Practitioner and learn how to uncover hidden patterns that may be blocking your clients from achieving their goals.

The training is highly interactive, using techniques that engage the mind, body and soul. And while the learning is deep and provocative, we include lightness and fun along the way.

The 2-day training certification process consists of:

  • Completing the EQ Profile and a 90 minute debrief with a Master Practitioner
  • Completing 2 hours of pre-work videos and interactive materials (via our online training portal)
  • Participating in our 2-day (Thur-Fri) LIVE training
  • Participating in 5 two hour virtual sessions - where you have the opportunity to practice using the EQ Profile in a supported environment (less than 30 minutes of pre-work for virtual calls)

5 Virtual Call Dates/Times:

What will you gain through EQ Profile Training and Certification?

As a trainee, you will:

  • Be part of an experience, not just a training
  • Form new personal and professional awareness’s about how you and others show up under stress and conflict (and how this impacts your coaching)
  • Learn the basics of Learning In Action’s relatable definition of emotional intelligence that applies universally (in personal and professional settings)
  • Learn a new functional vocabulary to talk about emotions with your clients

Upon certification, you will:

  • Be certified in and facilitate a life-empowering Emotional Intelligence assessment, giving your clients more power and choice in life
  • Be a certified EQ Practitioner, with the capacity to use the EQ Profile within your organization or with your clients.
  • Have joined a group of select individuals who will have learned the language of emotions, self-awareness, and how we get in our own way.
  • Have earned ICF CEU’s: Core Competencies 22.25 Resource Development 14.5

Here's What You Will Learn In Training:

  • During your EQ Profile Certification training, you'll discover a new, practical, and implementable definition of emotional intelligence.
  • You’ll experience in real time how the capacity for emotional intelligence is measured by the Learning In Action flagship instrument, the EQ in Action Profile.
  • You'll learn exactly what the EQ Profile measures, what it reveals about us, why it is so important, and how you can strategically use it to go deeper, faster with your clients.

The EQ Profile Certification Training is so much more than 2 days of training...

Following our 2-days of in-depth, collaborative learning, we will have 5 virtual training calls to solidify your certification. These calls are designed to help you develop and refine your understanding of the internal world of your clients and how you can better understand it using the EQ Profile.

During the entire certification process, our team will guide and support you in learning to use EQ profile in your own practice, so you can start detecting your clients' hidden patterns.

During the first two days of training, we immerse you in the language of the internal experience, the understanding of your own EQ Profile results, and the interpretation of the EQ Profile.

After those first two days, we continue to support you through the virtual sessions, guiding you through how to use it in your work with clients, and even coaching you through your first use of the EQ Profile with a client or prospect.

Here's How You'll Be Prepared Prior to Training:

  • Prior to your two-day live training, you'll experience the EQ Profile for yourself, getting visibility to your own internal landscape under stress.
  • You'll receive your EQ Profile results as well as a 90-minute interpretation and discussion of your results with one of our Certified Master Practitioners.
  • By taking the EQ Profile prior to training, you will begin to explore you own default patterns under stress, which is your first step in understanding the EQ Profile in its entirety.
  • To further prepare for your EQ certification journey ahead, you will receive preparation materials via email, including readings, videos, and guides to jump start your learning.

Training Day 1: EQ Profile Fundamentals

Thursday: 8:00AM - 5:30PM

The goal for Day 1 is to help you understand the EQ in Action Profile by helping you understand yourself at a deeper level.

On Day 1, we cover the following items:

1. You'll engage in a series of interactive exercises with the intention of connecting you with your internal experience under stress and helping you to understand the EQ Profile by examining your own internal experience and your own EQ Profile results.

2. You'll begin to understand the uniqueness of clients' internal experiences and how every EQ Profile is completely unique.

3. We'll share with you the language of the internal experience, the information and gifts of each emotion, and how to divine your client’s implicit Ladder of Inference as revealed by the EQ Profile.

4. We'll guide you through what the EQ Profile specifically measures and why each item is so important.

Training Day 2: Taking the EQ Profile for a Test Drive

Friday: 8:00AM- 4:30PM

The Goal for Day 2 is to engage in exercises that allow you to deepen your understanding of the language of internal experience and how to discuss it with clients.

On Day 2, we cover the following items:

1. You'll engage in pattern interpretation, which is understanding the pattern of thinking, feeling, wanting and believing that is reflected in your clients EQ Profile

2. You'll be able to playfully interact with games to help you use your newly acquired language skills to describe the inner landscape that is revealed by your clients EQ Profile

3. We'll support you in demonstrating your newfound understanding by partnering with other learners to interpret their patterns as presented in the EQ Profile and further solidify your language skills.

5 Virtual Follow-up Calls

Provide space and time to solidify and master the use of the EQ Profile with your clients

The EQ Certification virtual calls create a space for you to interact with your fellow attendees to master emotional intelligence and the use of the EQ Profile with your clients.

After our 2-day experience together, you'll be given an the opportunity to use the EQ profile with a client of your choosing. Once they take the tool, you can complete an interpretive debrief with them, with the support of Learning In Action's Master Practitioners.

You will also complete a final self-study to review the fundamental elements of the instrument and practice communicating it with potential clients.

The Goals For The Remaining 5 Virtual Sessions Will Be To:

1. Support you in the implementation of the EQ Profile in your work with clients, helping you present it to clients, and integrate it into your current offerings

2. Assist you in taking the EQ Profile on a test drive with a client, galvanizing the support of LIA staff and your cohort, to enhance your learning and ensure your success.

Logistical Note: You will be sent separate invitations for each virtual call via email ahead of time. All calls will be recorded for your convenience.

But don’t just take our word for it! Here are 5 testimonials from professionals just like you, who have experienced the power and possibilities with the EQ in Action Profile.

"It brings depth of understanding and focused power for individual and team development..."

"Clients have often had transformative breakthroughs..."

"If you truly want to look into the mirror of self-reflection... there is absolutely no better way"

"Thank you, LIA..."

"Helps identify the client's issue immediately so both of us can get to work..."

"The EQ in Action Profile pinpoints areas for developmental practice, self-awareness, a willingness to look deeper into themselves..."

"Just wanted to say thank you..."

Do You Have Questions About Your EQ Profile Certification Training?

Wondering if the certification training is right for you? Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions we get about the event:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there follow-up after to help keep me on track for certification?
Yes, we'll have 6 follow up calls with you once the event is over. These calls are designed to walk you through doing your use of the EQ Profile with a client as well as the final steps required to achieve your status as a Learning in Action EQ Practitioner. You will receive a separate email invitation to attend each call, along with an agenda and pre-work. Each call will be recorded for your convenience.
Can I bring a friend or business partner? If so, what is their cost to attend?
Yes, you can bring a business partner with you to the live event. You can apply a 35% discount off the regular registration fee for additional members in your group. Please email liat@learninginaction.com to obtain your discount code.
Is there a payment plan?
We do not offer a payment plan for registration fees at this time.
Am I going to have the opportunity to network with other professionals like me?
Yes! The training sessions are very interactive and designed to get you to know the other attendees. You will also have the opportunity to network during meal breaks.
Are meals included?
Dinner the evening before the training is pay as you go. Breakfast and lunch for the live 2 day training is included in your investment.
What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule?
If you need to cancel or reschedule, you can contact us at liat@learninginaction.com to let us know of your plans. While we don’t allow for refunds, we can apply your registration fee to a future training session.
I can't make the trip to an in-person training. Can I obtain my Certification Virtually?
Yes! To learn more and enroll in our next Virtual Certification class, visit here: https://learning-in-action.teachable.com/courses
Are ICF CCE's available for completing certification?
YES. 36.25 ICF CCE's (23.2 Resource Development and 13.05 Core Competencies)

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