March 16 - May 18, 2022 | Live, Virtual Training

Master EQ Certification Training

Master the EQ Profile and elevate its impact.

Are you ready to go even deeper with the EQ Profile and create an even more powerful awareness within your clients and yourself as a Master EQ practitioner?

The EQ Training and Certification has created a solid foundation for you. And that’s just the beginning of what’s possible.

In this advanced training, you will dive deeper under the surface of the EQ Profile, revealing the layers of complexity beneath and adding dimension and nuance to what you already know. If you’ve been through EQ Certification training once or twice, you have a basic understanding of what the EQ Profile reveals and reflects. This training will lead you to a new depth of understanding of the instrument itself and its power to uncover the hidden forces of our lives.

As a Master EQ Practitioner you will have a new language, new skills and a deeper understanding with working with the inner experience of your clients. You’ll learn how to help your clients see and overcome the obstacles to their full expression and change the way they relate to themselves, others, and the world, to generate better outcomes.

And, you might learn even more about yourself along the way. :)

An Invitation To EQ Practitioners Who Have…

  • Completed EQ Certification training and been certified
  • A strong knowledge of the EQ Profile and how to interpret and explain it
  • Debriefed a minimum of 50 EQ Profiles by the time the training starts
  • A keen interest in learning more about the nuances of the EQ Profile and what can be learned by viewing life and coaching through the lens of the EQ Profile dimensions, and patterns
  • The ability and desire to be self-directed in their learning journey

NOTE: A significant portion of this program is asynchronous, meaning you’ll be learning from recorded content on your own and then integrating your learning in live sessions. If you are motivated to learn and can do so in a self-directed manner, this is the course for you. If not, please enjoy our other courses that have a more dominant live component.

Who Should Join this Training?

You Will Learn How to…

  • Demonstrate a deep awareness of your own EQ Profile and manage it effectively throughout a debrief by masterfully noticing and internally naming your own patterns.
  • Clearly articulate all seven dimensions of the EQ Profile.
  • Masterfully and succinctly address technical questions, and articulate in your own way, what the EQ Profile measures, reveals, and its intent, creating context for the debrief.
  • Actively listen while effectively eliciting the coachee’s stories, holding space for the coachee’s articulation of their internal experience.
  • Use the coachee’s responses to evoke discovery and explore deeply-rooted patterns to bring awareness to them.
  • Identify and share the various ways the data from the EQ Profile can show up in behavior, and the cost to relationships of non-ideal results.
  • Integrate a deeper understanding of common EQ Profile patterns into debrief with clients
  • Articulate the core concepts of EQ and its connection to relational intelligence
  • Make a case for emotional and relational intelligence to prospective coachees to support your growing practice as a Master Practitioner.
Master EQ Training Curriculum

What You Can Expect

The Master EQ Practitioner Certification Training (MEQP) is divided into nine modules with six live virtual sessions, and ongoing self-paced, asynchronous training. The live sessions will be highly interactive and engaging and will support trainees as they work their way independently through the on-demand content.

We will take a deep dive into the following:

Session 1

Introduction and EQ YOU (How we define EQ Differently)

Session 2

Inside The Instrument

Session 3

The Intersection of the EQ Profile and Narrative Coaching

Session 4

Looking Under the Hood - Exploring Common EQ Profile Patterns

Session 5

Mastering the EQP Debrief: Creating the Space and Context That Allows Your Client To Absorb Their EQP Results

Session 6

From EQ to WE-Q: Revealing a Path to Connection

Session 7

Making the Business Case for EQ and Relational Intelligence (RQ)

Session 8

Debrief Practice Session

Session 9

Debriefing at Accomplished

As a Certified Master EQ Practitioner

You will:

  • Have a greater understanding and knowledge of the EQ Profile (including profile patterns and client narratives) and how to use it effectively
  • Have proficient and masterful EQ Profile debrief skills, increasing the impact you have on your clients.
  • Have expertise in EQ and Relational Intelligence, supporting your leadership in this coaching arena
  • Be considered for inclusion as co-faculty or co-facilitator of EQ Certification Trainings
  • Be considered to conduct EQ Profile debriefs on behalf of Learning in Action
  • Receive a 50% discount on all Learning In Action training upon completion of the program
  • Earn a Master Practitioner badge and a listing as a Master Practitioner on Learning In Action’s website
  • Build connections with other Master Practitioners

Are you ready to master the EQ Profile and elevate its impact?

During the program, you will engage in:

Live sessions with Alison Whitmire

Throughout the program, you’ll engage in four live Master Practitioner integration sessions and two DEEP community sessions where you’ll integrate your understanding of profile interpretations, learn debrief best practices and gain an in-depth orientation of the EQ Profile instrument itself with Alison to support your continued growth and development.

On-Demand video, resources, and reflection exercises

You’ll experience an in-depth, cutting-edge curriculum designed and taught by Alison Whitmire, accessible in the learning portal to consume and reflect on your own time. Note: A significant portion of this program is essentially “self-study”, using asynchronous content like videos, articles, and exercises to deepen your understanding of the EQ Profile, what it is and how it’s used. If self-directed learning doesn’t fit your learning style, this may not be the course for you.

Individual and group sessions

You’ll experience learning triads and a virtual community forum to help deepen your understanding, integrate your learning and address your questions, all while connecting with your peers for feedback and support.

About the Live Sessions

During each session, you will have a chance to meet many of your peers and build relationships within the community.

*DEEP (Developing Enhanced EQ Practitioners) is a community of EQ Practitioners who meet monthly to take a deep dive into the different dimensions of the EQ Profile. You will have access to the DEEP meetings as a part of your MEPQ program and do not need to enroll or pay for DEEP during MEPQ training. After MEPQ training completes, you will have access to the DEEP community at a 50% discount and would need to enroll to continue.

Session Schedule



Wednesday @ 10:30am-12pm PT / 1:30-3pm ET

Live MEQP Session 1



Wednesday @ 10:30am-12pm PT / 1:30-3pm ET

Live MEQP Session 2



Wednesday @ 8am-9:30pm PT / 11am-12:30pm ET

*DEEP Meeting



Wednesday @ 10:30am-12pm PT / 1:30pm ET

Live MEQP Session 3



Wednesday @ 8am-9:30 PT / 11-12:30 ET

DEEP Meeting



Wednesday @ 10:30am-12pm PT / 1:30-3pm ET

Live MEQP Session 4



Wednesday @ 10:30am-12pm PT / 1:30-3pm ET


Developing Enhanced EQ Practitioners

What is DEEP?

As part of the Master EQ Practitioner training, you will be invited to join a community of Professional EQ Practitioners who, like you, want to enhance their expertise for two, live virtual sessions.

During our DEEP meetings we will:

  • Share EQ profile success stories from the community
  • Interpret, review and learn how to prepare for the debrief of complex EQ Profiles submitted by the DEEP community.
  • Explore different dimensions of the EQ Profile
  • Uncover nuances within the EQ Profile
  • Examine key principles and best practices for effective debriefs
  • Gain deeper clarity with open community discussion to answer questions and curiosities about the EQ Profile

What Is The Tuition?


A single payment of:

  • Early Bird: $799
  • Standard: $999
  • Late: $1,199

Payment Plan

3 monthly payments of:

  • Early Bird: $266.33
  • Standard: $333
  • Late: $399.66

Important Dates & Deadlines

Early Bird Ends
January 1, 2022

Standard Registration Ends
March 1, 2022

Program Registration Closes
March 11, 2022

Note: To participate in the Master Practitioner training you must have debriefed a minimum of 50 EQ Profiles by the time the training starts. Because this course is for a select audience, a minimum of four students must be enrolled by March 9, 2022, in order to hold the course. If we don’t have the minimum number of students needed, all enrolled students will be fully refunded within a week of the course rescheduling/canceling.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must have completed 50 debriefs by the start of the program. If you have slightly fewer at the time of signing up, you may sign up, but you must meet the 50 minimum by the start of the program.

Yes, each session in this course is entirely virtual, conducted via video conference on Zoom. You can learn in the ease, comfort, and convenience of wherever you are.

All six live training sessions (including DEEP sessions) are recorded for your convenience. You’ll have unlimited access to view and listen to each recorded session, whenever and however many times you’d like.

Attendance at all live sessions are required for this program for CCE to be earned and for best learning and interaction. We understand that you may have other commitments during scheduled training sessions. If you are unable to attend, please contact us.

After enrolling, you have unlimited, lifetime access to this program and all of its materials across any and all devices you own.

If you need to cancel or reschedule, contact us by email or live chat. Refunds are not available if you are unable to attend the course, and we’re happy to apply your paid registration fee to a comparable future training session of your choice. Full refunds will be issued if Learning in Action needs to cancel the course. Because this course is for a select audience, we need at least 4 registrations by March 9th, 2022 in order to hold the course. If we don’t have the needed registrations, all registrations will be fully refunded within a week of the course rescheduling/canceling.

Yes, the cost of the training is divided into three equal payments that will be automatically charged to your credit card each month. You may attend the training while enrolled in the payment plan, but you will not receive your certification until the full cost of the training has been paid.

YES! The Master EQ Certification Training is an International Coaching Federation accredited program and upon completion, you’ll earn 30 ICF CCEUs. CCEUs will be confirmed as we near the enrollment date.


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