We know your goal is to get to the heart of what your client needs and deeply wants and create lasting awareness and change as quickly and efficiently as possible. That’s why we’ve created this on-demand WE-Q Profile debrief course - for your clients.

This course uses a series of video and downloadable resources to walk your clients through each aspect of the WE-Q Profile BEFORE the debrief session, allowing them to come into their debrief with more understanding and clarity around each dimension of the WE-Q Profile. It also includes thoughtful exercises that encourage your client to turn inward and reflect upon their reactions to stress. It’s a perfect head start for your clients on understanding their WE-Q Profile results..

Note: Our experience is that clients participating in this 90 minute course prior to their debrief, can reduce the typical debrief time by 30 - 45 minutes.

What is WE-Q You?

Designed for your clients with you in mind

Your Clients Will Receive

Downloadable Resources
  • Reflection Guide
  • Feeling Words Guide
  • Access to Range of Feelings Introspection & Reflection Guide
  • WE-Q Fitness Handbook

Video Resources
  • Dimensions of the WE-Q Profile

Here’s an example of what your clients will experience



1) Choose a package that best suits your needs

  • Single-Use Coupon Code: Best for Coaches working with individual clients
  • Unlimited 30-day Coupon Code: Best for Coaches working with Teams
  • Unlimited Annual Coupon Code: Best for large organizations

2) Receive your unique coupon code along with email templates for you to send to each of your clients

3) Invite your clients to enroll in the course and create their own account, to complete the self-guided course at their own pace

4) Schedule their debrief after your client completes the course and go deeper faster

Pricing Options

The Instructor

Alison Whitmire is the President of Learning in Action (LIA), a company committed to healing the divide within and between people. We believe we can become divided from our divine essence (and similarly divided from others) in ways we don’t know and can’t see. We aim to heal the divide through the cultivation of loving awareness for ourselves, others and the world.

Alison is an authority in Emotional and Relational Intelligence, a Professional Certified Coach, a Master WE-Q Practitioner and a Certified Narrative Coach. She has thousands of hours of experience coaching entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners.

Developing her passions of meditation and yoga, she's become a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher as well as a 200 RYT Yoga Teacher. She’s been a TEDx speaker and 3x TEDx organizer.